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the PSE has been mostly-unemployed for over half a year now. she stopped working a straight job back in November.
the PSE took two or three months to recuperate from the trauma of having to be a waitress for four months then, around February, she decided she wanted to devote her efforts to being a full time Lab Rat, selling her body to clinical trials.
but the Drug Study Game ain't easy and the PSE did not have nearly the success she was hoping for.
to the PSE's credit this wasn't so much a problem with her work ethic as it is a symptom of being a woman of breeding-age in a male Lab-Rat's world.
pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to test drugs on anybody who can became pregnant because the last thing they need is a mess of flipper-babies fucking up their marketing campaigns.
this might account for that gender pay gap people are always getting so upset about.

credit to the PSE, she put in as much effort as could be expected to get into the Drug Study Game.
over the past six months the PSE tried out for six, maybe eight different Studies.
the PSE would be on the different Clinic websites every day shopping for jobs and would call to try to get into every Study that would have her.
the PSE would drive out to the different Clinics, either in Dallas or down in Austin and one time even in San Antonio for lab tests and physicals.
several times, the Labs would find something wrong with her blood-work.
a few times the PSE even stayed for an overnight in the Clinic as a back-up Lab Rat, but she would get sent home the following morning with a check for a piddling amount and a “thanks anyways, sucker!”
the PSE just couldn't get accepted into a Study for all of her efforts.
in the entire six months the PSE was pursuing the Drug Study Game, she only caught only one Study.
the PSE made $3,750 from the Dallas Drug Study back in April.
when you do the math, that works out to $625 per month that the PSE brought in to our family coffers.
needless to say, we've been eating through our savings.

the PSE decided that if she didn't catch another Study by her birthday, she was going to have to give in to more traditional employment.
go be a waitress somewhere else, or try to be a delivery girl.
some demeaning job that will pay her shite because that's all the PSE is qualified for.
and also, because that is pretty much what all jobs are, qualifications or no.
the PSE's birthday was 21, May.
in the weeks leading up to her birthday the PSE was on the websites for all the different Drug Study facilities, desperately trying to find one last chance at Drug Study work.
the PSE really, really did not want to go back to working a straight job.
fortunately for the PSE on the day before her birthday she found an advertisement for a Study that she might qualify for at the Drug Study down in Austin.
she called up Phone Screening and made an appointment to drive down to Austin for lab work at their first available screening date.
that wouldn't be for a few weeks but that's okay. waiting for a screening date counts as working in the Drug Study Game.

the PSE's screening was on a Tuesday morning at 9:00am.
Austin is a three-hour drive south which gives the PSE the option of waking up around 5:30am or leaving on Monday night and sleeping in her car.
the PSE chose the second option. this is why we drive station wagons.
so the PSE drove down to Austin, camped out in the Drug Study parking lot then woke up when the sun became unbearable and went in to the facility to start the Screening process.
the PSE sat in a room with several other Lab Rats while a Recruiter read an Informed Consent at them.
the PSE and all the other Lab Rats signed away their legal rights, then submitted themselves for a series of tests measuring height and weight, temperature and heart-rate and then laying still for EKGs.
normally they take blood and urine too, but there was something screwy about the protocols for this particular Study that meant that they would have to take blood and urine at a different date.
so the PSE had to come back up to Fort Worth then drive all the way back down to Austin and sleep in the Drug Study's parking lot a second time to give blood and urine and have a physical with a Study doctor.
technically the PSE would have had to drive back to Austin for her physical anyway, the Austin Drug Study always does their Screenings in a two-stage process, but, it was still stressful for the PSE not to know if her blood work was okay because that is the part that has tripped her up so many times in the past.
meanwhile, i got to have the PSE bring me back carry out from our favorite Italian Market in Austin twice, so, i was happy about the whole deal.

time ticked on.
normally the Austin Drug Study is good about calling Lab Rats back and letting them know if they have been accepted into the Study or not but this time, for whatever reason, nobody called.
the Study was supposed to start on Tuesday, 13, June.
the PSE called the Drug Study Recruiters the Wednesday and Friday before but they never returned her messages.
the Monday before the Study was supposed to start the PSE had to wake up early and call the Drug Study again to see what the fuck was up.
if she was going to be checking into a Study the following day, she had shit she needed to prepare.
the PSE finally got a hold of somebody who told her “yeah, you're all set for check-in.”
the PSE then had to spend the day doing laundry and running out to the store for special mouth wash that does not contain alcohol and deodorant with ingredients labels because Drug Studies are always super strict about what you can and cannot bring in.
then, Monday night, at 11:00pm, the PSE kissed the Monster and me goodbye and drove down to Austin to sleep in the Drug Study parking lot one more time before check-in Tuesday morning.

the first day of a Drug Study is always anxiety-inducing because they test your blood and your other life-signs again and if anything comes back out of whack, you are disqualified.
also, Drug Studies overbook with X number of Lab Rats and Y number of Back-Ups and if you're a Back-Up and none of the Lab Rats disqualify themselves, you get sent home with a pittance.
nobody ever knows if they're a Lab Rat or a Back-Up until dosing day when the Lab Rats take the pills and the Back-Ups go home.
normally Dosing Day is the day after check-in but because this Study is kinda wonky, there was a two-day gap before the pills got handed out.
the PSE spent all that time worrying, worrying, worrying, worrying.
until finally Dosing Day came around and the Recruiter told the PSE that everything was fine, she was healthy enough to test experimental pharmaceuticals, and they handed her a Dixie cup full of something to swallow, green light go.

the Drug Study that the PSE managed to catch is fifteen days, fourteen-nights in-house with no outpatient visits.
the PSE and her fellow Lab Rats will be testing a medication for schizophrenia.
to mitigate it, not cause it, i am fairly certain.
for their trouble, the PSE and her fellow Lab Rats will be compensated $4,500.00
we really need it.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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