PSE checked into a Drug Study down in Austin on the 13th, which was a Tuesday [see Tuesday's post.]
the PSE dosed two days later on Thursday and spent her first week at the Study after that mostly keeping to herself [see Wednesday's post.]
on her tenth day in the Study, it was time for the PSE to dose again.
the Study was designed to test the absorption and processing of a medication to treat schizophrenia and the protocol called for two different administrations of two different delivery mechanisms, a tablet and a capsule.
on her first dose, the PSE was given a tablet that made her feel terribly sleepy and then, for a day or two afterwards, profoundly depressed. [again, see Wednesday's post]
the PSE's second dosing wasn't nearly as bad.
she took a capsule and spent the morning of her Second Dosing Day hanging out in the Procedure Area, giving blood and vital statistics like she had to do.
in between procedures she was able to sleep and after four hours, she was free to go about her Lab Rat business in the facility.
there was no overwhelming feeling of depression this time, beyond, of course, the normal despair of being locked away in a building you can't escape from, selling your body to science to make a living.
one of the PSE's dorm-mates, however, was given the tablet this time and somehow it caused her legs to stop working.
the Staff Paramedics spent the morning of Second Dosing Day yelling at her to knock it off and just use her goddamned legs but she insisted that she couldn't.
i guess that wore off eventually, though.

the PSE spent the next several days of the Study on 'wash out' giving periodic blood samples so the Scientists can see what the half-life of the medication is.
this wash-out period, the PSE decided to be more sociable.
instead of just holing up in her bed in her dorm and reading or watching the free month of Netflix she signed up for, the PSE decided to go out into the larger world of the Drug Study Pod and interact with her fellow Rats.
this is due, in no small part, to the fact that Netflix is good for absolutely nothing.

the PSE fell in with a group of ten-or-so Lab Rats who play board-games.
they mostly play Risk, though they also play a game called 'Mafia' that i've never heard of.
the PSE reported that she does respectably in both games, though over the course of several days of play, she has never one.
on her first go-round playing Risk, the PSE got mansplained to for the very first time in her life.
despite being a high school dropout, most people don't assume the PSE is stupid.
most people give the PSE a basic level of respect and implied competence but one fellow in the PSE's board-game group didn't like the way the PSE was clustering her forces around Australia and he gave her a condescending lecture about everything wrong with her strategy.
the PSE was insulted and blew the motherfucker off but the guy ended up winning the game several hours later so maybe the PSE should have been a little more humble and taken the jerk's advice.

the Austin Drug Study also has organized activities for the Lab Rats.
there is a lady on staff who is in charge of making fun, which might very well be the worst job in the Study, on account of nobody likes forced fun.
i almost never join in on the forced-fun activities on account of the awkwardness but the PSE was making a conscious effort to be more outgoing so she got in on them a few times.
one afternoon the organized group activity was bingo, with prizes including pens and a water bottle, all monogrammed with the Austin Drug Study logo.
so you can show off to your friends and family how well you've done as a Pharmaceutical Lab Rat.
the PSE did not win anything.
another afternoon the organized group activity was arts and crafts. the PSE made a bear mask.
the PSE's favorite activity, though, and my favorite activity too whenever i used to do Austin Drug Studies, was walk time.
every weekday if its not a Dosing Day or it's not raining out, some Techs will come around to take anybody who wants to get outside for a while out to the edge of the parking lot where there is a little trail set up for the Lab Rats to walk around outside.
the PSE makes a point not to miss out on that.
after several days of being confined in a pod, you get as excited as a dog, jumping around and wagging at the prospect of being able to go outdoors for several minutes.
the Dallas Drug Study doesn't offer outdoor walks, and they are the worse for it.
though, the Dallas Drug Study is much better off in the food department.

the PSE reports that the food at the Austin Drug Study has improved some, though, not by much.
the Austin Drug Study has a static menu of the same foods, in the same order, on the same days.
so, every Tuesday morning is biscuits and gravy and every Friday night is whole wheat spaghetti, the predictability of the menu is part of the problem.
when you know you're staring down the barrel of a cheeseburger for lunch and tilapia for dinner it makes you dread Thursdays.
but apparently the PSE says that several items have been replaced and others have changed days, which makes the menu a little less tiresome.
the food is still significant worse then what they feed you at the Dallas Drug Study, though.

the Austin Drug Study staggers mealtimes two or three or five minutes apart so that you're always dining with the same group of people who eat before and after you.
most of the other Rats that the PSE takes her meals with are also her roommates in her dorm and they have developed a bit of a rapport.
one of them is a Black Lady who drove the PSE crazy for the first week or so screeching and grunting on the phone in the dorm room while the PSE was trying to sleep but the PSE eventually began talking to her and her other meal/bunk-mates.
it turns out the screeching and grunting Rat was doing most of her screeching and grunting with her “man” and “baby-daddy” of eleven years, who she is currently cuckolding.
apparently the PSE's roommate has suspected her “man” of “trifflin'” several times before so she decided to “get hers.”
the “man” knows about it, she has made him cry several times, but i guess he is not “man” enough to do anything about it.
the PSE and a few of her other roommates yelled at the Trifler for being such a dick.
another one of the PSE's roommates is a Lesbian who apparently doesn't know the first thing about pussy.
she went out and bought a strap-on right before checking in to the Drug Study but apparently it's the size of a fire hydrant and her girlfriend is afraid of the thing.
the PSE and the Trifler had to tell the Lesbian that size isn't everything and in a lot of cases, it can downright ruin things.

in other interactions with Lab Rats the PSE talked to a woman who was screening for a different clinical trial at a Drug Study down in San Antonio when, upstairs, somebody died.
this woman was trying to get into a different phase of the same Study that was going on upstairs testing some kind of blood pressure medication.
apparently it was Dosing Day upstairs, they handed out the experimental blood pressure medication to a Rat, the Rat took it, walked away and then one hour later dropped dead.
needless to say, they canceled the Study, which was how the woman ended up doing a different Study there in Austin with the PSE.
in the Drug Study Game you hear a lot of roomers and shit-talk about bad things happening but this one was straight from an eyewitness, so the PSE believed it.

another fellow that the PSE talked to wasn't even in her Study Group.
the guy was in a different clinical trial, the Khaki Green Group.
the Khaki Greens checked in on 1, May and all the others checked out on 3, June doing a thirty-four day In-House for $12,000.
but after all that time, when it came time for check-out there was something wrong with this one Khaki Green's bloodwork so they wouldn't let him leave.
he can leave whenever he wants, obviously, he's not a prisoner, but the Study is paying him the standard $200 or $300 per diam for every night he remains in house, so why would he leave?
he gets a room to himself in the same pod with the PSE's group and all he has to do is just not die.
if and when he ever does check out of the Drug Study he'll be getting a check big enough to put a down payment on a house.
of course, assuming he doesn't go into renal failure before that happens but, so far, he says he's feeling fine.

after fifteen days in-house, the PSE finally got out of the Austin Drug Study on the 28th,
the PSE woke up on the morning of the 28th, gave one last vial of blood and waited around for the lab downstairs to say that her liver and kidneys were all operating within normal tolerances.
they were, so the Study coordinator handed the PSE a check for $4,500 and sent her on her way.
three hours later, the PSE was back up in Fort Worth, back home with me where she belongs.
the PSE left the Drug Study before 10:00am but the Italian Market that i like doesn't open until 11:00.
i was hoping the PSE would wait around to pick me up a nice lunch but of course that's asking too much.
instead, the PSE stopped off in a town called West, Texas, which isn't in west Texas at all but is halfway between Austin and Fort Worth to buy some kolaces.
kolaces are a thing in Texas, brought to the New World from Czech immigrants.
they can be sweet fruit-filled pastries, or savory stuffed with meat.
the PSE brought home a bag full of each from a Czechoslovakian-themed truck stop, but i only ate the fruit ones.
welcome home, PSE!!!

//[ab irato ad astra]

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