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( 4 Jul 2017 03:37 pm)
one year ago yesterday, 3, July, 2016, the Monster came to live with the PSE and me, making our family complete.
or, at least as complete as i can get it with the PSE being a huge spoilsport and refusing to bear me any children. having a dog to smother will have to be as close as i can get for now.

i wasn't even in the mood to go dog-shopping last 3, July.
i had a whole backlog of LiveJournals to catch up with because a lot of stuff had been happening in our life and i just wanted to stay at home and write about it all.
but the PSE found a picture of a little dog that could possibly-maybe be cute on the Humane Society's website and i figured we had a responsibility to go check her out.
the PSE and i had been hunting for a new dog friend for about two or three weeks previous.
we'd driven all over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex visiting all the animal shelters and private rescue groups, looking at dogs that might fit the description of what we were looking for.
and after every visit we would leave empty-handed and a tiny bit broken-hearted.
it takes an emotional toll to go into a building full of homeless dogs just looking for love and tell them “no, not you.”
so, when the PSE came around late in the afternoon last 3, July i just wasn't up for it.
i'm glad i resigned myself to the chore.

the PSE and i went to the Humane Society of Fort Worth, a depressing facility in a depressing part of town, and told the lady working the front desk that we had come to see about “Buttercup.”
we tried looking for “Buttercup” in the kennels, but she was nowhere to be found.
it turned out that “Buttercup” was being kept in the back [because, we found out later, she's fucking crazy] and the attendant brought her out, shivering and shaking with fear, wrapped in a thin towel.
the lady handed “Buttercup” to me and i held her in my arms for the next ninety minutes non-stop.
i would kiss her head and whisper to her and that was it, Buttercup Monster had won me over.
the PSE was a little apprehensive, and to be fair, so was i.
we could tell that there was something a bit too needy about the way Buttercup Monster just wanted to be held and cuddled and comforted.
we like needy dogs, but this was excessive.
but what could i do, tell Buttercup Monster that it was nice meeting her and hand her back to the attendant to go back to her horror in her cage in the back, alone?
the Monster and i had already gone too far into the bonding process.
i told the PSE that this one would have to do, and we paid our $95 adoption fee and went off to start our lives together.

it was a hard few weeks, a hard few months, getting the Monster acclimated to our family.
it was hard to resist the temptation to compare the Monster with our previous little dog friend Dog, who moved right in to our life and fit in with no problem.
the Monster, conversely, was a bundle of problems.
the Monster was two years old when we adopted her, but it seemed like in all her time she never had any human interactions.
she wasn't housebroken, she wouldn't sleep through the night, she followed us around the apartment, yet seemed to be simultaneously terrified of us.
the PSE spent those first few weeks overwhelmed by what a surprising difficulty our new friend was shaping up to be and terrified that this is what our life would be like now.
the PSE said on more then one occasion that we're not up to the challenge that the Monster presented and that we should bring her back to the pound.
of course, that wasn't an option for me.
i made a promise to care for this little bundle of problems and i would honor that obligation, no matter how unpleasant it was.
and that's how we spent the year.

the Monster still isn't perfect.
the Monster still can't be trusted to be off leash on a walk without going darting after a cat or trying to fight a strange dog.
the Monster still can't be left home alone for more then ten minutes without freaking the fuck out and destroying things. [see last Friday's post.]
but the Monster has come a long, long way.
the Monster is housebroken and the Monster can sleep through the night.
holding her pee for twelve hours a night while i sleep is an impressive feet.
the Monster has learned several tricks like lay down, stand up on twos, shake paws, and has adapted herself to several other mannerisms like moving over when we want to sit where she is, or transition singles “alright...” or “okay...” knowing that something different is about to happen next.
the Monster has gotten much improved, and that's something to celebrate.

the day before the Monster's Monsterversary the PSE and i gave her a beauty treatment: giving her a bit of a haircut, trimming the hair around her haunches and buzzing around her asshole; giving her a bath and blow-dry; combing her hair [which she seems to enjoy, oddly;] trimming her nails [which she does not;] and expressing her anal glands, which is something the PSE knows how to do now.
the Monster looked very pretty when we were through with her, like a show dog.
but that won't last for long, the Terrier in her makes her get greasy-looking surprisingly quick.
Monster's anniversary started when i woke up and invited her up into the bed with me for a morning cuddle.
the Monster is not generally allowed up in the bed because of boundaries, but because it was her special day, i figured i would make an exception.
then we went out to the living room and sat on the couch and the Monster laid in my lap for no less then fifty straight minutes while i gently pet and massaged her.
this wasn't so much a special treat for her special day as it was just something we do often.
later, the PSE and i took the Monster to PetSmart to buy her a cake of wet dog food.
we planned on making a cake but we didn't, so we had to go store-bought.
the Monster didn't seem to mind.
back at the house we laid out half a package of Blue Buffalo Braised Beef In Gravy on a plate and made the Monster sit there with a party hat on her head while we sang at her before she could go wolf it down.
that must be so frustrating for her, but this is how we celebrate things. she'll get used to it.

all throughout the Monsterversary i was sure to be extra sweet to the Monster, lauding her with praise.
today we celebrate you, little buddy..
for how far you've come, and how far you still have to go.
despite your problems, your crippling, terrible problems that mean the PSE and i will never get to leave the house together for at least the next ten, twelve, fifteen years, we celebrate you!
despite your problems, little buddy, you are the sweetest dog i've ever met.
you follow me around the apartment, always laying by my side or at my feet.
you'll solicit pets at any opportunity. your comfort-seeking is comforting.
you'll crawl up in my lap and sit there for hours getting pet, which is fine, because i enjoy petting you for hours.
when you look at me i see love in your golden eyes.
whenever you wag at me [which is astoundingly often] it makes me happier then anything else in the world.
you've never growled at me, you've never bitten me, and that's remarkable because the PSE and i fuck with you quite often.
you're my best friend, buddy, and i love you very much.
happy Monsterversary and many, many more!
though, how about by your Second Monsterversary you learn to be left home for at least an hour?
can we set that as a goal?

//[ab irato ad astra]

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