i didn't get to go to the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
i wanted to go, i asked the PSE if she wanted to go no less then four times, but she said that she did not.
so we spent the Fourth of July like we spend pretty much any other day of the year, hanging around the apartment, sitting on the sofa watching programs on TV that we stole off the internet.
most days that's a perfectly fine life for me, but on the Fourth, i wanted more and was disappointing that it didn't happen.

the PSE and i made meatballs on the Third of July and had plenty of leftovers on the Fourth.
they weren't the best batch of meatballs we've ever made, but they were good enough.
they might have been the most structurally-sound meatballs, though.
we tend to have a problem with our meatballs falling apart in the gravy, the PSE theorizes that we stuff them with too many vegetables, but this time we used a higher meat-to-vegetable ration and they held their shape better.
lesson learned.
we had a big enough batch to last the Third, Fourth, Fifth and maybe even into the Sixth, but the PSE decided she didn't want to continue eating meatballs day after day after goddamned day and insisted that we finish off the batch.
which meant that over the course of the entire day on the Fourth we stuffed ourselves with way more meatbealls then a healthy person should ever eat in a twelve hour period.

the City had a fireworks display that started around 9:00pm and went until around 10:00pm.
we could see the top half of it from our balcony. it looked and sounded awesome.
at 10:00pm i decided to draw myself a bath to sit and read in the tub like i like to do when i have the time.
that was also about the time the local neighborhood yahoos started setting off their own fireworks in their backyard and our apartment parking lot.
this was frightening for the Monster because dogs are afraid of fireworks, but the Monster is a bigger pussy then most and her reaction was needlessly needy.
as i'm sitting in the tub enjoying the book i'm reading, the Monster pushed the bathroom door open with her face and ran to seek comfort from me.
the PSE was out in the living room with her, but i guess i'm more comforting.
i pet the Monster as she pressed against the side of the bathtub but i guess that wasn't enough for her and after a few minutes she just jumped right into the bath with me.
she didn't get all wet, she aimed for the little Monster-sized island formed by my belly and she curled up on me as i pet her for a while, telling her that everything was fine and to calm the fuck down.
eventually the PSE came along to collect the Monster but the Monster was back again no less then three more times over the course of my soak to jump up onto my belly, seeking comfort from the intermittent explosions going on outside.
it would be obnoxious if it wasn't so adorable.


i woke up on the morning mid-afternoon of the Fifth to find an e-mail in one of my inboxes.
i don't get many e-mails, so this was exciting.
the e-mail was from CouchSurfing Dot Com, notifying me that i had received a message from a user.
CouchSurfing Dot Com was, of course, the social networking website the PSE and i used to find places to crash on our Great Adventure Around The World.
it was a great experience, except for once, in Morocco, in Casablanca, with a creep named Medhi.
Medhi was a fat little shit who didn't know how to talk to people and alternated between treating us like his domestic servants and trying to impress us.
he was simultaneous arrogant an profoundly insecure.
unfortunately, Medhi's idea of trying to impress us involved throwing a party with three of his employees and two prostitutes, age twenty-one and seventeen.
and sure, maybe child prostitution had different definitions in different cultures and i was willing to go with the flow, i guess, as long as everybody was having a nice time, but when one of Medhi's employee/friends who was an All-Africa Amateur Boxer tried to punch a prostitute in her chubby face over a dispute over money and i had to go keep an eye on things and make sure everybody got out of the apartment alive, the PSE and i decided that our time with Medhi was not so much a fun, crazy adventure and was maybe somewhere between depressing and terrifying.
it didn't help that, later that night, Medhi tried to make up our couch with blankets that he and his employee/friends had just fucked the prostitutes on.
the PSE and i got the fuck out of Casablanca as soon as possible the following morning and left our first and only bad review on the CouchSurfing website for Medhi.
not so much out of spite, but because Medhi is the kind of person who should never, ever be alone with a woman.
traveling people need to know that.
after the PSE and i left our review detailing our time with Medhi he deleted his account.
eighteen months later, from a different account, Medhi finally got around to responding.
as follows, sic erat scriptum.
Charlie and Tits were my worst experience in Couchsurfing
the girl is antipathic and the guy is weird
they di not express any bad thing when they were at my place . They danced at my party , drank and had nice time. I was very surprised of their bad comment
I have a very good profile, and all references are positive
i hosted them
my friend who owns a food place feed them for free
and they wrote bad notes to me
they lied
i was nice to them
all the time
made them visit
we had pictures
but as i said
especially this all tatoed guy is weird
i disrecommand”

my first instinct was to get into it with Medhi, to go leave him a reply review and ruin this second profile he's spent a year and a half cultivating.
but, in the alternative, christ, i have other shit to do.
also, if i'm being fair there is nothing in his comment that isn't true. out of context, sure, but not untrue.
i am 'tatoed' and weird.
and i'm not a hundred percent sure what 'antipathic' means, but i think i get what Medhi is trying to say and, yeah, it fits for the PSE.
we did have pictures and we did dance at his party.
his friend who owns a food place did feed us for free.
Medhi was nice to us in his way, so, really, there is nothing there for me to dispute.
but that doesn't change the fact that Medhi is still a fat little shit.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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