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( 17 Jul 2017 03:42 pm)
after seven weeks of taking Summer class the time had come for my final in Children and the Law.
i guess i had learned all that there is to know about Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCRs, as they are broadly-known in Texas.
it was time to evidence my knowledge.

our Final exam was worth 100% of our final grade.
i have never been in a class like that.
when you're an undergraduate you can get easy As just for showing up every day.
things got more obnoxious in Law School where finals have much more weight but even still, all throughout my First Year i never had an exam worth more then 70%.
the rest was just gimme points for “participation” and other little trifles.
in Property class the final exam was worth a mere 40% and i really appreciated the Professor for that.
now, though, everything would be riding on how i preform on this one three-hour test.
if i fucked up somehow, the entire preceding seven weeks of class time would have been for nothing.
that doesn't seem fair at all.

our Old Coot Professor said our final exam would be essay-format in three parts with several questions following each part. no multiple choice.
on the last day of class our Old Coot Professor gave us a handout containing the fact pattern that we would be confronted with on our exam.
it was nice of him to give it to us in advance, rather then us getting it all as new information on test day.
the facts we would have to deal with were as follows:
Part One: Mark and Betty have two children ages 5 and 2, but are not married, either legally nor common law. Mark is a deadbeat and has never really consistently lived with Betty or the kids but is more part-time, in and out of the house.
eventually Betty has decided she wants to leave state with the kids so Mark is seeking the advice of a hypothetical lawyer to see what he can do about that.
Part Two: Mark and Betty have reconciled and have a mediated settlement agreement in effect that states Mark is the father and orders him to pay child support, but Betty wants more child support and what can she do about that?
also, Betty wants to prevent Mark from taking his kids to his Baptist church with him on days where he has possession, and what can she do about that?
Part Three: Mark gets another woman pregnant and he wants to see about reducing the child support he has to pay Betty. also, Mark has reasons to believe that one of his two kids might not be his and what can he do about that?
each part would have a few sub-parts and we wouldn't know exactly what the specific questions would be in each section, but this gave us a pretty good idea where to go.

in addition to getting the fact pattern for the exam in advance, the Old Coot Professor said the exam was open book and open notes. that was also pretty decent of him.
while we couldn't write out the answers to the exam word for word beforehand because we wouldn't know exactly what the questions would be, but we could take copious notes.
which i did the Sunday before the exam and a little bit on Monday, too.
i guess i could have and should have been studying since the previous Wednesday night, or Thursday, or Friday or Saturday, but i am really, really not interested in studying for things.
when i'm on my own time, i prefer to set my own schedule and having to do homework of any kind is anathema.

our exam was last Tuesday at 6:30pm.
i don't know why they scheduled it for Tuesday when for the past seven weeks we had classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.
it was kinda dicked up because i had an appointment Tuesday morning that i made weeks previous assuming that i would have the day free.
my appointment on Tuesday was at 7:00am over in Dallas which meant i had to wake up around 6:00am. [more on that tomorrow. stay tuned.]
i got back from my appointment at 10:30am and was back in bed by 11:00am.
i slept 'til 4:00pm, but it was overwarm in the apartment and the sleep wasn't deep.
when i woke up again Tuesday afternoon i had just enough time to shake the stupidity out of my brain and eat pretzels from the toaster oven for lunch before it was time to hop on the TITScycle and get off to school.
i left the house earlier then i normally do because i wanted to have time to go over my notes before test time, but that didn't happen.

i got to campus around 6:05pm but when i reported to my regular classroom only one other person was there.
i went out and wandered around the building and found that most of my classmates were in a different room up on the second floor.
who told them to report there for finals, i don't know.
i went and collected my stuff and my other lost classmate and reported to the other classroom, but when i tried to open my laptop and set myself up with the exam software, my computer wouldn't connect to the school's internet.
the proctors had to call for the guys from tech support to come around.
it turned out that my password had been changed because institutions require you to change your password periodically which drives me up the fucking wall.
by the time the tech support guy got everything square it was 6:35 and the Proctors told us all to begin.
i had to rush to catch up to my classmates getting started.

our exam consisted of three sections, with two questions apiece in each section, but some of the sections had two different parts.
some sections required just a few paragraphs worth of explaining, others had me carrying on for pages and pages.
i didn't really use my notes or the book all that much, but i was glad to have them there, as a safety net.
i finished the bulk of my work a little before 9:00pm, but i didn't want to give up any time on the clock so i went through my work editing for clarity.
the Electronic Blue Book software we use on our computers doesn't have a spellcheck feature, so a lot of the essays were a little rough.
at 9:30pm the Proctors called time.
there were only three or four of us left in the room and we all hit 'submit' on our computers.
one poor girl's computer crapped out about a half hour before the end of the exam period and she had to continue writing the last two questions by hand, which sucks for her so much.

i walked out of Law School at 9:30pm feeling pretty good about my exam performance.
of course, it's entirely possible that i did so bad that i don't know how bad i did.
dumb people are always some of the most confident.
in Law School you're graded on a curve so it's not really about me showing the Professor how much i know as it's about what my other classmates may or may not be able to show that they know.
my classmates seem kind of stupid, so i am cautiously optimistic.
they are Second and Third and Fourth Years from the Night Program, and the Law School had much lower admissions standards back before Texas A&M took it over.
one of m classmates spent almost all of her class time taking different quizzes on the Buzzfeed Dot Com to see what Harry Potter house she would be in.
for all i know, though, she might be a fucking genius, so i don't want to get too optimistic.
the Old Coot professor told us that because our class has less then twenty people, the Administration will let him set the average to a B+ instead of a B.
that means i just have to come in ahead of only forty percent of my classmates to score a respectable grade. if i end up right dab in the middle, i'll still be pretty happy.

now i have nothing to do but wait for my grade to come back, whatever it may be.
the Old Coot Professor said that he has thirty days to get our exams graded and turned in to the Registrar.
there are only eleven or twelve of us in the class so how long can it take, but the guy is like 100, so who knows?
meanwhile, i get twenty days off from school to enjoy my Summer Vacation before Law School comes around to hassle me again.
let's hope i don't fail out between now and then.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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