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My Shit Don't Stink.

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accountability, animal personhood, animals, arguments, asking questions, autonomy, behavioral economics, blasphemy, bullying, callousness, cartoon violence, chess, choosing your own adventure, civil liberties, contempt, contingency plans, creating, critical thinking, criticism, curiosity, debate, demanding, democracy, destroying, discovery, do-it-yourself jurisprudence, doin' it, eating, education, egomania, enlightened self interest, ethics, exploring, fighting evil, fine dining, food stamps, fortitude, free shit, freewheelin', friendliness, get-rich-quick schemes, getting tattoos, giving tattoos, going outside, great adventures, guessing games, helpfulness, homegrown terrorism, honesty, house pets, how things work, human rights, humanism, humanitarian intervention, individualism, learning, liberty, live journal, logic, loyalty, manipulation, masturbation, metacognition, militant atheism, moral absolutism, morally absolute foreign policy, multimedia entertainment, mutual appreciation, mutually beneficial relationships, nakedness, negative rights, optimism, pants-seat flyin', politics, positive rights, positivity, pretend lawyering, quantifying items, reason, respectability, responsibility, righteous indignation, riots, scams, scientific methodology, screaming, secularism, self-discipline, shoplifting, sincerity, skepticism, smart animals, snobbery, straightforwardness, supervillain psychology, survivalism, swearin', talking to people, tasty treats, teaching, teetotaling, the first amendment, the right to life, the second amendment, thoughtfulness, transhumanism, travel, understanding, unemployment, vandalism, welfare, western liberalism, wikipedia, willpower, work avoidance, work refusal, world domination, xsobrietyx, xxx
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