i woke up at 9:21am last Tuesday morning.
i didn't have to worry about walking the Monster, the PSE was already awake.
i ate a Nature Valley bar of oats, nuts, pieces of cherry and dark chocolate for breakfast.
i also keep a bunch of those things in my locker at school and i eat several throughout the day.
i had a shit and brushed my teeth and was ready to leave the house a few minutes before 10:00am.
class doesn't start until 10:30.
i am giving myself more time in the mornings this semester, 69 minutes as opposed to 53.
it's nice to not be rushed in the mornings.
i got dressed, kissed the PSE and the Monster goodbye and got in my TITSwagon to four stops across I-30 t the exit for Law School downtown.
i parked in the lot closest to the building, which is right across the street, then went in to go learn some shit.

the first class of the day was Legal Writing II.
my 8:30am Property class wouldn't be meeting that day because of the Dean's wonky scheduled.
i got to class a few minutes early and went to go take my regular seat in the back of the room but one of my classmates reminded me that the Professor wanted us to rotate rows every week, so that the kids who sit in the back on Week One sit in the middle this week, and will sit in the front row next week, repeat.
because he's some kind of autistic, i suspect.
i didn't forget the Professor's idiot rules, i was just kinda hoping we would all just ignore it.
but, since one of my classmates said something, fine, i'll go sit in the middle row.
the rest of my fourteen classmates trickled in and i struck up a conversation with the girl who sits next to me about her nail polish.
the kids in my Legal Writing class are all pretty much new to me. they are in a different Section of First Years and i'm not supposed to have any classes with them. i'm just with them as a fluke.
so, it's an entirely new crop of people i can slowly alienate with my uncomfortable, standoffish, surly ways.
“go ahead, lady, tell me about your nail polish!”

we spent the entire seventy-five minute class talking about Digests and Citators.
a Digest is a compilation of keynotes from Lexus Nexus or WestLaw all on the same topic like felony rape, antitrust, mergers and acquisitions or dower and curtesy, whatever the fuck that is.
legal digests are not to be confused with Reader's Digest, which is a thing old people used to be into in the 1980s?
do you think it's still a thing? i haven't heard of it since my Grandmother died.
a citator is a tool on Lexus Nexus or WestLaw that will allow you to enter a case and see all the other cases that reference it.
once that give it a positive treatment, ones that give it a negative treatment, ones that invalidate it.
on Lexus it's called “Shepardizing,” which is the the eponym that the industry uses for the process but WestLaw has a program that does the exact same thing.
basically the entire class was just one long commercial for different things Lexus Nexus and WestLaw are good for.
our probably-autistic Professor spent the entire class showing us how to click different buttons on the different sites while we followed along on our laptops.
i wouldn't normally bring my laptop to class but our probably-autistic Professor said it was pretty much a requirement for Legal Writing II.
which means i've got to schlep around several extra pounds in my briefcase and it's heavy and bulky and obnoxious all day long.
i'm probably going to stop doing that.
all my other classmates take their laptops to class but they actually use them for taking notes or tweeting or whatever the fuck kids these day do.
i'm old, so i do my note-taking in marble notebooks the PSE gets me from the Dollar Store.

Legal Writing II came to an end at 11:45am.
at noon, i had to report to a different classroom for Academic Support.
Academic Support is a one-hour-a-week mandatory class that we don't get any credit for.
we are expected to turn up, there is an attendance roster we have to sign, but it's all a big waste of time.
Academic Support class is taught by a bunch of 2nd Year T.A.s and mostly they just tell us different ways to study.
my Academic Support classmates are the same fourteen people i am in Legal Writing II with.
at first i was kind of excited to get to know a whole new group but, after the hour i decided i like my old Academic Support class better.
this class they all talked about different Professors that i don't have, and what's the point of that.
if i'm gonna be wasting my time for an hour a week on Tuesdays, i might as well listen to people i am in all my other classes with bitch about things that i know.

my fourteen other Academic Support/Legal Writing II peers and i sat around a conference room table and got into our lunches.
i had an apple and a Cara Cara orange in a nice lunch sack the PSE made for me [see yesterday's post.]
after several minutes of chit-chat the T.A.s started the show by talking to us about last semester's finals, but since i wasn't in class with these Section 2 kids, i didn't have anything to contribute.
then the T.A.s had us play a game where we stuck the names of things on our foreheads and we had to walk around the room trying to guess what we were.
i was the last man standing in the room with a thing stuck to my head. i could not guess what it was.
it turned out the thing on my post-it note was “gunner” which apparently is a name for those kids in class that always have their hands up trying to answer questions.
i have never heard the term before in my life.

at 1:00pm Academic Support was over and i reported to my Contracts classroom to wait for class to begin at 1:30.
after a few minutes the fourteen other kids who i used to have my Academic Support classes with came around and they greeted me with a surprising amount of warmth and asked where i was.
aww, i miss you guys, too!
i told the kids that i had been assigned to a different section and they all shrugged and went on about their business but, after a few minutes i walked down tot he Academic Affairs office and asked the director if i could switch back to my original class.
she said it wouldn't be a problem and to send her an e-mail to that effect.
“can't i just tell you, now, in person?” i asked, but the lady in charge of Academic Affairs is, like, twenty-eight and kids these days fucking love computers.

when i got back to the Contracts room there was a buzz in the air that there were sandwiches up for grabs in the lunch room.
i walked as briskly as reason would allow over to the dining room and, sure enough, there was a stack of maybe ten Jason's Deli carry-out boxes.
i found one labeled roast beef and took it back to the classroom to stuff my fucking face.
it came with chips, a cookie and a pickle spear, too.
probably the best thing about being in Law School is all the free lunches that are just laying around for the taking.
it almost makes all this shit worthwhile.

at 1:30 our Contracts Professor came around and started the show.
our Contracts Professor is an excitable little man of middle age who would get cast as a Contracts Professor in any movie that might require one.
he honks when he talks and i imagine if you sit close enough to the front you might get a little spit on your stuff.
fortunately, this Professor isn't autistic and he doesn't care where you sit, so i took my regular spot on the back of the room, stage-right.

the reading we had to do before class was on contract formation, about how people end up in contracts in the first place.
we had a Unit of materials to go over from a book the Professor wrote himself and he got right into it.
unlike Torts last semester where the Professor pulled out cards with our names on it to discuss different precedent cases, or Criminal Law last semester where our Professor tired to do that in the beginning but mostly just relied on us raising our hands to contribute, our Contracts Professor runs his class by just calling on people at random.
there is a girl in front of me whos hand is constantly shooting up, trying to get called on but the Professor doesn't play that shit.
i guess she is a gunner. now i know.
i did not get called on to talk about any of the cases or concepts in the reading but that's just fine with me.
i've got nobody to impress.

we talked about four cases that all danced around the issue about how a contract gets formed.
an essential element is that the two parties must have a meeting of the minds on what it is they are contracting for, one of them can't not have any idea what is happening.
so, you can't tell an Illegal or an idiot to sign over the deed to their car just by telling they they are signing to receive a lollipop.
[my example, not the Professor's.]
nor can you have a contract when the two parties believe they are talking about something fundamentally different, like an offer to buy property on two different lots, or two different cars or two different show dogs, when there is a genuine mistake about what the fuck the deal is about.
you do have a deal, however, even if one party in their heads didn't have the intent to genuinely contract.
if two parties discuss a deal and they take action upon the deal, it doesn't matter that one party was only fooling around or wasn't serious, the parties are held to an objective standard based on their outward behaviors.
that's fair enough.

we took a break at 2:25, came back to work, then at 3:20 we were done for the day.
i walked back to the TITSwagon across the street from the school, drove ten minutes back along the highway to my apartment and came home to sit stupidly on my sofa until it was time for bedtime to come around.

//[onward ho!]

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