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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season Twelve:
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a show about a bunch of assholes who live in Philadelphia and get into adventures.
this is the twelfth season of their misadventures, which is a lot, especially for a comedy.
you would think a comedy would run out of steam after twelve seasons, or eight seasons, or three seasons, how much funny shit can you wring out of the world, really, but It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is built to last.
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia created a world inhabited by assholes who do asshole shit to each other, and that is a formula for success.
people on the internet said that Season Twelve of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was a miss, but i was still eager to get into it and it was the first thing i watched after stealing a bunch of series from the torrents.
the internet was wrong, Season Twelve of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was just fine.

like most seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Season Twelve was more episodic then serialized.
there was no real overarching theme to the season, though the season did bring about some fairly serious changes to several of the assholes.
one character decides to come out of the closet and be a Gay after twelve seasons of pretending otherwise.
another character finally gets to sleep with the woman he's been pining for for the entire series run.
another character's ex-wife dies and in the final episode, he decides to move out to North Dakota to live with a girl and a son he just found out he had.
lots of things change for the assholes, which is a good thing.
TV is best when it acknowledges the passage of time and TV is best when it goes out of its way to not be formulaic.
that said, Season Twelve was more experimental then other seasons and at times, things were just bizarre.
the first episode of the season was a musical that tried to do racial commentary and that was a bit hard to watch.
good for them for trying something new, though.

for being experimental while still managing to be entertaining, for having things happen to the characters and for managing to remain one of the only funny things on TV, Season Twelve of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia earns a 8.1/10.

Girls - Season Six:
Girls is a show about some of the worst people in the world.
not, like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Kim Jong Un evil people, just self-absorbed, entitled, thoughtless shits.
Girls is a show about Millennials.
it might be the only show on television, at least the parts of television that i watch, that is intentionally aimed at the insufferable generation.
more then all that, though, Girls is a show about Lena Dunham.
it is created by, written, produced, directed and Best Boy-ed by Lena Dunham.
a vanity project for a woman who has had way more time at the vanity trough then anybody deserves.

Season Six of Girls is about Lena Dunham getting pregnant.
despite her horrible personality and lumpy, gross body shape, Lena Dunham manages to catch a whole lot of dick throughout Girls' run.
i suppose that is wish fulfillment on the part of the author.
in real life i would like to think that a woman who looks as dumpy and acts as shamefully as Lena Dunham does would be forever consigned to a life of rejection and scorn, but because this is her TV show and because anything goes in the world of fiction, sure, people want to fuck you, okay.
anyways, despite all reason Lena Dunham has sex with some dude and gets knocked up and over the course of the next several episodes, she decides to keep her mistake baby despite being perhaps the most immature character in fiction.
the entire premise of Girls is that Lena Dunham is a piece of shit who can't take care of herself but now she has decided to drag another person down into the muck of her narcissism.
you want this to work out terribly for Lena Dunham.
you want some state agency to come along and take this poor child away the first time Lena Dunham leaves her baby in a Brooklyn bodega because she saw a handsome boy halfway up the block, but of course that's not how Girls works.
Girls acknowledges that Lena Dunham is an entitled, self-indulgent piece of shit, but it doesn't judge her for it. Girls celebrates Lena Dunham's vapid self-indulgence and hollow narcissism like it's cute.
so, of course, when Lena Dunham decides to bring a baby into the world and mold it in her horrible image, everything works out for her in the end.
several people volunteer to help Lena Dunham raise her bastard child and she acts like she was entitled to their help all along.
deus ex machina Lena Dunham is offered a job as a professor teaching school upstate despite her having no real work history or visible means of support for the entire run of the series.
the show ends with everything being fine, Lena Dunham having won herself a perfect life, despite having done absolutely nothing to earn it.
and that's the kind of thing that gets everybody upset about Girls and Lena Dunham in real life.
and i am pretty sure Girls knows that, and does it on purpose to get everybody wound up.

Season Six was the final season of the series.
Lena Dunham having a baby was how the show decided to end itself.
which gives the impression that Girls has run out of things to say.
for a few seasons now Girls has seemed like it didn't know what it was doing.
the show is called 'Girls' because it used to be about Lenah Dunham and three other girls who were her friends, but those other characters largely got dropped several seasons ago.
for the past several seasons Girls has just been the Lena-Dunham-Is-A-Piece-Of-Shit Show.
any direction or voice that was ever intended at the beginning of the series got lost a long while ago.
now that we have come to the end of the series i am happy to see the show come to an end.
i am happy to cross Girls off of my list of stories that i have to follow.
i will not miss it.

this isn't to say that i think Girls is a total shitshow.
obviously, i don't have much respect for Lena Dunham or anything she stands for, but yet, i've been watching Girls for six full seasons now and for the most part, i enjoy it.
despite what a piece of shit Lena Dunham is personally, Girls has consistently managed to be better then the sum of its parts.
that isn't to say that Girls is good, it's not, but it is way better then it should be for what it is.
for everything that Girls stands for, entitlement, callowness, narcissism, vanity, it can also be a little bit funny.
not laugh-out-loud funny, but funny enough.

for being funny enough but for ultimately disappointing the TV watching public by not paying off all the schadenfreude we've been hungry for for six fucking years by having something really, really, rally bad happen to Lena Dunham, the Sixth and final season of Girls earns a 5.1/10.

//[ab irato ad astra]

From: (Anonymous)

Lol. I liked the show girls, but this was pretty funny. I always thought no one would want to hook up with Lena Dunham either but she has so many gross hookups on the show. Not just her but other gross people hooking up on the show too.

From: (Anonymous)

And she's always seems to be naked , considering her body is gross too.

From: (Anonymous)

I thought girls was a really clever and funny show for the most part. It kept me entertained the whole way through . I thought Lena Dunham was quick and witty and humorous , but I agree no one wants to watch Adam driver masturbating furiously to Lena Dunham as she talks a bunch of shit to him. Also that weird guy with a cleft lip freaked me out. They need better looking actors. I just liked the whole show in general though. I guess I see what they were doing trying to make the show seem "real". Everyone hates Lena Dunham, but I don't necessarily get why because she seems like a nice girl. But she really needs to stop getting naked and showing off her lumpy body like it's something to be proud of.

From: (Anonymous)

If you want to see a really good tv show I highly recommend penny dreadful. It's from showtime it's a show about monsters from gothic literature set in 1800s Victorian London. They incorporate dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian grey and more in a cool poetic series. Check it out since u seem to love tv

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