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( 28 Jan 2017 02:58 pm)
hello hello hello, friends!
today is the start of a whole new LiveJournal year.
Year Fourteen – The Year Of Great Expectations!
naw, really, i don't know what Year Fourteen will bring, i have no reason to believe that it will be all that great, but, whatever, it doesn't hurt to set your sights high.
and in that vein, why don't we go ahead and make some predictions for what the year ahead might bring.
but first, like i always like to do at the beginning of a LiveJournal year, let's have a brief introduction, just in case some idiot decides to just start tuning in today.

my name is TITS. i am thirty-five years old and i live in Fort Worth, Texas of all places.
i have been in Fort Worth for a little more then seven months now, living in a one-bedroom apartment.
i moved to Fort Worth to go to Law School because the Texas A&M School of Law is the highest-ranked school to offer me a full tuition scholarship.
i have completed one full semester and am now in the midst of my second.
i am not doing as well as i would have liked, but i have not failed out yet, either, so that's good news.
i have a girlfriend who would be my wife if we weren't the kind of people who think marriage is lame.
her name is the PSE, short for Pretty Straight Edge because when i first met her she was pretty and straight edge and i am shite at remembering names.
she is still straight edge and still pretty, even after all these years.
we have been a mated pair for over twelve years now.
despite a somewhat happy relationship, the PSE and i have some rather serious structural problems -she does not want to have children and i really really want to have children, at least a dozen- which might very well be the end of our union.
i've been predicting the end of our relationship since the beginning of our relationship, though, so who knows how this shit might fly?
the PSE is currently unemployed and has spent the past several months hanging around the apartment, doing arts and crafts and farting into the couch cushions.
the PSE and i have a dog, a Shih Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier [we think] mix we adopted from the local Fort Forth Humane Society seven months ago.
she was two years old when we got her. she may be three by now
we call her Monster, on account of her mental problems.
the Monster has separation anxiety which makes it difficult to leave her in the apartment alone and she acts like an ass when we go out on walks, chasing after cats and barking and lunging at other dogs.
she is a little embarrassment sometimes, but she is our embarrassment and we love her.

that's who i am, the cast of characters in my story and what we're doing.
now, let's talk about some goals for the year to come.

if we're being realistic, most likely Year Fourteen will involve a whole lot of me sitting in my office, which is the closet in my apartment, working on shit for Law School.
it turns out, Law School is a lot of work, way more then i was expecting, and i piss away dozens of hours every week work work work work working on all kinds of shit that i don't want to do but i have to or else they'll kick me out and i won't get to ever be a lawyer.
i'm not really sure that i even ever want to be a practicing lawyer, the idea of ever having to work a job seems awful, but, i do know that i want to get a law degree, so this is what life is like for the next three or four years.

i would like to get myself a motorcycle sometime in LiveJournal Year Fourteen.
i am pretty sure that 'get a motorcycle' was a goal i made for LiveJournal Year Thirteen but that did not come to pass.
i took a class to learn how to ride a motorcycle a month or so ago because that is what you have to do to get a license to ride a motorcycle in the state of Texas, but i haven't actually gone out and bought myself the machinery yet.
because A) it's expensive and B) i've been too busy with Law School to have the time to go motorcycle shopping and C) it's fucking Winter, but mostly D) because the PSE is surprisingly against me getting a motorcycle because she thinks i am gonna crash and become a quadriplegic and she is going to have to feed me and wipe my ass for the rest of my life so she's not helping me at all with this project and i really rely on her help for most things that i do because i am crippled by her companionship.
i would like to find the time to go motorcycle shopping some time soon, definitely by the time Spring happens, and get myself a nice cheep bike to ride around on looking cool and not crashing at all.

with any luck, the PSE can catch herself several Drug Studies throughout the LiveJournal year.
sooner rather then later would be preferable because we've just been pissing through our savings.
with me wasting as much time as i am studying the laws, it is really on the PSE to earn us money to survive.
unfortunately, the PSE has the work ethic of a spoiled trust fund heiress so getting her to go out and work is asking a lot.
traditionally, the PSE and i have made our money by selling our bodies to science, doing pharmaceutical clinical trials as lab rats.
we live in an area with no less then three Drug Study facilities within a four hour drive, so, with any luck, the PSE will be able to get some good work coming her way.
but the Drug Study game ain't easy, there are any number of things that can go wrong, so, we'll just have to see how the dice break.

i'd really like for the Monster to get her shit together.
to learn to calm the fuck down when the PSE and i leave the apartment for any amount of time and to chilax when we go out on walks.
just calm down, be a dog and quit getting all agitated about every goddamned thing.
i am not too optimistic that there will be much improvement over the course of the LiveJournal year, but i can hope...

like i've said at the beginning of every LiveJournal Year, i want this year to be the year that the PSE and i finally get a house.
the PSE and i don't work regular jobs so we can't get a mortgage and we don't have enough money to make a cash purchase for anything but a dilapidated money pit in an urban desert but that doesn't stop us from daydreaming.
we've been trying to brainstorm a way around all the obstacles to home ownership for years now and, with any luck, LiveJournal Year Fourteen will be the year we crack the code.
i wouldn't bet on it, though.

finally, i would like LiveJournal Year Fourteen to be the year i learn to write less.
i've been writing three and four and sometimes five page LiveJournal entries as my default for at least a decade now but i really need to dial it back.
nobody really reads my LiveJournal anymore but that's okay. i'm resigned to being out here, screaming at the stars.
i would continue to scream at the stars to my heart's content if i had the time but with the demands of Law School it's just not practical to prattle on as much as i do.
if i can learn to be more concise, that would save me a world of time and trouble.
with that said, i'm already over my two-page budget for the day.
it's time to quit.

let's have a great LiveJournal Year Fourteen, friends!
whoever you are.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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