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( 5 Sep 2017 12:06 pm)
the PSE and i continue our outpatient visits for the Study we're enrolled in at the Dallas Drug Study.
Two Friday Ago
the alarm went off at 5:02 am two Fridays ago.
i was already awake and had been since 4:30am because of reasons related to the Monster being a fucking retard, but now it was time to get up, get ready and go out, to drive forty minutes east to Dallas for our 6:30am outpatient appointment.
before we left we we gave the Monster a Xanex and locked her in her crate because she gets destructive when she's left home alone otherwise.
if the Xanex has any effect on her behavior, it is not noticeable.

the PSE and i wove our way through moderate-but-not-too-bad traffic, arriving at our Dallas Drug Study destination at 6:20am, still all before the sun woke up.
in the lobby we found twenty or so of our Studymates, all sitting quietly.
it is hard to be chatty at that hour, though, i am a fucking asshole and i love to talk so after a few minutes i leaned over to make chit-chat with a Black Power girl in our study.
this girl is always wearing different fun, Afrocentric t-shirts.
one day it was “Everybody vs. Injustice,” which is generic enough. the next it was “Free Huey” which is way more on the nose, then “Black By Popular Demand” which as a saying doesn't make a lot of sense and is kind of a throwback to the '80s and Bootleg Bart, but okay, sure, you're Black.
at this visit the girl's shirt read something about Black skin and melanin and she was reading a book about Assata Shakur.
i made conversation with her for a bit about Assata Shakur and shooting cops in New Jersey and exile in Cuba.
i got the impression that she doesn't generally enjoy talking to non-Black people, but she was polite enough.

at 6:30am Technicians came around, gave us a sign-in sheet and had us file into a series of conference rooms to be asked a bunch of questions about our health and habits since last Friday's visit.
“have you consumed more then two alcoholic beverages per night?” “have you smoked cigarettes or consumed any tobacco-containing products?” “have you engaged in any strenuous activity since last Friday's visit?”
we all had to answer out loud, then we went out to the waiting area to be called back for our procedures one by one.
the PSE always goes first, because she was first in dosing order. i am pretty close to the bottom of the queue, #27 of 37 Lab Rats.

while the PSE went off to have her blood pressure and pulse and temperature taken, i struck up a conversation with a good-looking Black dude with dreadlocks and a beard.
Black people always look good with beards but you rarely seem them wearing them.
the guy had “money” and “power” tattooed in cursive along the outsides of both of his hands because of course he does.
he said he got the work done at Black Ink, which is a tattoo shop in Harlem that specialized in tattoos for Black people.
there are tattoo shops for Black people all over the place, but they made a TV show on VH1 about this one and when this guy was in New York he paid them a visit.
he paid $500 for his tattoo for what should have cost him no more then $40 per word.
the tattoo didn't even look good, either, the lines were too fat and the cursive looked jumbled, but he got to meet and have his picture taken with O'Shit, who is a main character on the show, so...

after the sun came up, around 8:00am i was still hanging around, waiting to have my procedures done.
i got my vital statistics measured but still had to have a vial of blood drawn.
there was one phelobotomist at work and she was calling Lab Rats ten and fifteen spots ahead of me.
rather then talking to the same ol' Lab Rats and/or getting myself all worked up about the incredibly inefficient and disrespectful way they run things at the Dallas Drug Study to keep me sitting around for over two hours to do ten minutes worth of work, i went over and struck up a conversation with a girl from another group of people who just turned up to screen for a Study checking in in early September.
their screening appointment was at 8:00am but the lab was already running way behind on account of them not giving a single shit.
the girl i talked to was a twenty-three year old yoga instructor who was interested in travel but had never been anywhere.
i talked to her about Studies and about India and about silent meditation and i got the distinct impression that i could have slept with this girl if i wanted to. she was friendly and flirty and fun.
i don't get to do that, though.
eventually i was called back to give blood and by the time i got out of there it was 8:40am
i drove back to the apartment while the PSE slept in the passenger seat, then when we got back to the apartment we went back to bed.

Last Friday
last Friday the PSE and i woke up at 5:30am again, brushed our teeth, got dressed and gave the Monster another Xanex in the hope it would take the edge off of being left home alone for four hours.
once again, it was not all that successful.
then we got in the PSE's Wagon and drove fory minutes east to the Dallas Drug Study.
we used to take the interstate, I-30, the Tom Landry Freeway but lately Google Maps has been advising us to go a different way over state roads that shaves between four and six minutes off of our commute time, so we do that.

we got to the Dallas Drug Study around 6:25 and filed into the waiting room.
“hello,” “hello,” “hello,” all around.
a few minutes after 6:30 an Outpatient Technician came out to tell us that they were going to try things a little differently this go-round, that they were going to call us back into the lab in groups instead of all at once.
which makes sense, i don't know why we weren't scheduled to come at staggered times from the beginning but, again, these people don't give no shits, so...
the PSE got called back with a few other people from the beginning of the queue, leaving me to spend the next ninety minutes shooting the shit with my Lab Rat friends.
i found myself talking to the regular group of guys i chat with, the Scabby Cat, the Old Pederast and another friendly, talkative idiot who is half-smart, which means he is mostly stupid.
the friendly, talkative idiot was a Bernie Bro so politically we have a lot in common, but i had to slow down sometimes to explain some things like what exactly i meant by “nationalism” and the definition of effervescence.
we talked about world affairs, about travel and politics.
we talked about the unexpected ascendancy of Donald Trump and the rise of populism and nationalism and right-wing identity politics.
we talked about genetically-modified foods and the evils that Monsanto get up to and we talked about private, for-profit prisons.
the Scabby Cat was the only one in our chat-group who had been to prison but he had no idea that private prisons were a thing and he seemed legitimately concerned after me and the Bernie Bro told him.
mostly, though, what i was doing during our time in the waiting room was preaching.
other people listening in might have thought i was a bloviating ponce, but for the three or four guys who were engaged in conversation with me, they seemed to hang on my teachings like i was Socrates.
it was a good time for me, i love to talk, and could be seen as a practice run at a Congressional stump speech that i hope to one day make for real, only, geared towards high school dropouts, street hustlers and felons.
though, let's be honest, if i ever do run for political office, high school dropouts, street hustlers and felons are going to be my target demographic.

eventually an Outpatient Tech came around and called another group back into the lab, including me.
they asked us a series of questions about our health, we answered “yes,” “yes,” “yes,” and “no,” “no,” “no,” in the appropriate spots, then we went to go sit in waiting area of the lab until they called us back for EKGs, vitals and a blood draw.
that took the better part of the next two hours.
being the first in queue, the PSE was the first to leave the Dallas Drug Study around 8:30am.
i didn't get out until an hour later, 9:30am, and found the PSE sleeping in the back of her Wagon.
we drove forty minutes back home and let the Monster out of her crate.
now, our outpatient visits will be staggered two weeks apart instead of once a week like it's been.
as much as i like getting to see my regular group of guys and practice preaching at them, it'll be nice to not see them, too, for a while.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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