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The PSE's Genitals:
the PSE had an appointment with our G.P. to take a look up her stink hole.
this was mostly a routine examination.
the PSE hasn't had her genitals looked-over in a while and it is important for ladies to do that periodically, though, the PSE did have a few issues she wanted to address.
a few months ago the PSE and i were having sex and her vagina smelled just about as awful as a vagina has ever smelled.
like if a mackerel had diarrhea
vaginas never smell great, that's one of the problems you just have to deal with when you're a Heterosexual, but this aroma was so offensive it was difficult to fight through it to sustain an erection.
not just for me, but for the PSE, too.
the PSE suspected that the problem was the fault of her hormonal IUD, that it caused her to get her period for the first time in a few years but that the walls of her uterus didn't properly shed like they're supposed to, causing the blood to just linger up in her puss and congeal.
anyways this problem went away eventually, but the PSE should probably talk to somebody about it anyway because, holy shit, Let's Never Let This Happen Again!!!

the PSE made an appointment with our General Practitioner, an Indian lady-doctor, because she figured it would be easier then making an appointment with a proper gynecologist.
figure they teach everybody how to look up a woman's muff in medical school.
so, the PSE went down to a local hospital, checked in and was eventually called back to an exam room where somebody told her to strip off her underpants and lay on the exam room with her ankles behind her head.
after a while the Doctor came around, made several puzzled, concerned noises then told the PSE to get dressed again.
“your vagina...” she started, hesitant, like she didn't know what she had just seen, “it... it has a growth on it?”
the PSE didn't know what the hell this woman was talking about.
“like a tumor, it's not a tumor, but it's like a tumor..”
finally the Doctor sat down and sketched out a picture of what she saw between the PSE's legs.**
“you're talking about my labia?” the PSE suggested.
“jesus christ, am i!?!” the lady-Doctor asked, her voice a mix of puzzlement and horror.

the PSE has an overlarge labia.
she credits this to her habit of absentmindedly tugging on her piss flaps when she was a little girl, though, i've been tugging on my dick for quite some time now and i haven't made it any longer.
likely this is just some genetic defect on the PSE's part.
the PSE's vagina wouldn't win any pussy prizes, but i'm sure i've seen worse and in the grand scheme things it's not all that bad.
it certainly isn't nearly as abnormal as this trained medical professional was making it out to be.
the Doctor told the PSE that she would write her a referral to go see a proper OB/GYN to “have that taken care of...”
by which she likely means having the PSE's extra meat snipped off like so much roast beef overhanging an Arby's sandwich.

the PSE has wanted something to be done about her gross puss since she was old enough to know it was wrong.
the internet tells you that vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes and colors and whatever, but body acceptance is for people who can't do anything about their problems and if there is an opportunity to do some tidying up down there with minor surgery then, shit, all the better.
the problem, of course, is that the PSE and i have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad health insurance.
you would think the problem with terrible, horrible, no good, very bed health insurance is that it wouldn't cover the kind of curtainectomy the PSE needs to have a normal-looking vagina.
it would consider it to be plastic surgery and tell her just to keep on living with her shame.
but, the PSE can't even get to that level.
our lady-doctor wrote the PSE a referral to go see an OB/GYN but joke's on us, there are no OB/GYNs in town.
there are, of course, but none that will accept our Obamacare insurance.
the one OB/GYN listed on our Shite Obamacare Insurance website is no longer in practice and the two that are out in Dallas 40 miles away have decided to stop accepting the insurance.
i suppose if the PSE wanted to go down this reconstructive surgury rabbit hole the next step would be to get into it with the Shite Obamacare Insurance and force them to pay for the PSE to go to an out-of-network OB/GYN but i'm too busy to worry about that right now.
if the PSE wants to schedule an appointment herself she can, but i've got my own genitals to worry about.
yeah, that's a pussy

My Genitals:
last Friday, after my Civil Procedure class i rode my TITScycle seven minutes down the interstate to visit with my Urologist.
this was a follow-up appointment two months after the follow up appointment i had one month after undergoing surgery on my dick.
if you know anything about my dick, Dear Reader[s,] it's that last May i had a surgery to widen my urethra.
why did i do that? because my Urologist is some kind of a sicko, i suspect.
i went to visit the Urologist on a referral from my Indian lady-doctor G.P., after i complained that i pee too much.
i piss, like, twenty times a day and four times throughout the night.
i was expecting somebody to give me a pill for my troubles but my Urologist, a man in his mid-to-late 70s who wants everybody to know how Christian he is, told me that the answer was to widen my peehole.
by his thinking, the wider the tunnel, the more volume can pass through.
that doesn't make any sense to me, a narrow urethra should just mean that it takes me longer to pee, not that i'm not completely getting it all out, but i went along with the Urologist's recommendations because he's the expert.
but now it's three months later and i've got a urine stream like a thumb over a garden hose.

when i got sent home from surgery they gave me a jug to piss in which i did for the first two months.
eventually my urine began to coalesce a bit from a splatter to a spray and i threw the jug out because it just smelled like old, moldy piss but i still can't hit a bullseye target in the toilet without spraying urine all across the bathroom floor like a Jackson Pollack painting.
and i still have to visit the bathroom twenty times a day.

i checked in for my appointment, gave a urine sample, because they always like to collect some of my pee every time i visit, then, after a few minutes, i was called back to an exam room.
fifteen or twenty minutes after that some lady who i'd never seen before came in.
she announced herself as my Urologist's, “P.A.” which it turns out is a physician's assistant.
i was a little put off to be dealing with my Urologist's secretary or whatever she was but after a few minutes i decided i liked this lady much, much more then my regular Urologist and when i left i told her that she is the one i want to deal with going forward.

i told the likable P.A. that i had come to see the Urologist because i had the pees and that after drilling a hole in my dick and going through all that pain and mess i still have the pees.
she told me i should take medication for an overactive bladder but i can't right now because i'm currently enrolled in a Drug Study in Dallas and i don't want to get kicked out for taking any other medications then what they shot into my tummy.
i even asked the Supervising Doctor at the Study if i could take the medication my Urologist wants me on but she told me that the Sponsoring Pharmaceutical Company would have a problem with that.
they want my liver and kidneys working only to process their stuff. they're not paying me to run other people's medications through my system.
so, it seems i am going to have to wait until after the Dallas Dug Study is over in late October before i can start a course of treatment for my overactive bladder.
after a few more minutes of chitchat about how my penis, kidneys and prostate all work i thanked the P.A. for her time and went out to the lobby to schedule another follow-up appointment for the end of October.
the P.A. said b that time my pisshole should be completely healed from surgery and i should be able to pee in a proper stream again.
i really hope that that's true.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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