a few weeks ago the PSE had a job working at a boutique taco restaurant serving $6 tacos.
the tacos she brought home were good, but the PSE found the job demeaning and quit after about a week.
she made $134.78 take-home for her trouble.
soon after that, the PSE got hired at a Chinese restaurant.
the PSE had a good experience working in Chinese food.
for three years down in Austin the PSE made money hand-over-fist working as a Chinese food delivery driver.
this, however, was not that.
the PSE lasted at this Chinese food job for a little less then two weeks.

the Chinese restaurant was owned by the same people who own a Japanese restaurant that the PSE was trying to get a job with.
the Japanese restaurant ended up not wanting the PSE because her availability conflicted with what they needed, but the owner passed the PSE off to the lady who manages his Chinese restaurant and they called the PSE in for an interview the next day.
after a perfunctory chat of no more then five minutes the manager offered the PSE a job as a hostess.
the PSE accepted because she figured she had to work somewhere.
the pay was $8.00 an hour plus 1% of total sales.
the PSE never got to figure out what 1% of total sales amounted to.

the Chinese restaurant was somewhat upscale.
not corporate Chinese like P.F. Changs or fast food Chinese like Panda Express or ghetto Chinese with the bulletproof glass around the counter.
this was a nice place in a quaint little house in a quiet neighborhood on the other side of the train-tracks from my Law School downtown.
the dining room was small and always full.
the menu seemed to be elegant. no bright red sugar syrup for the sweet and sour chicken.

the PSE reported for her first day of training and came home relatively positive about the experience.
i mean, sure, working sucks and working in food-service is a special kind of demeaning but her coworkers seemed to be decent and that makes a difference.
one of her coworkers seemed to be really, really interested in our Great Adventure Around The World and the PSE enjoyed the opportunity to get to show off how awesome she is.
the PSE and i are both a little disappointing with how little our friends and family care about our Great Adventure Around The World.
the PSE was less excited about another one of her coworkers.
this one was some kind of an autistic and on on less then three occasions the PSE saw her freak the fuck out at other coworkers about Her Fabreeze That She Brought From Home!!! and where it had been placed, but the girl never spazzed out at the PSE so she was fine with her.
all of the PSE's coworkers were teenagers.
they all assumed the PSE was a teenager too. somebody asked her “so, are you in high school or college?”
the PSE was flattered by that, of course, the PSE spends a lot [a lot a lot a lot] of time slathering her face with different creams and salves trying to retard the aging process, but, of course, the flip side of that coin is that she is thirty-one years old, doing a teenager's job.
in the end, the insult outweighs the compliment.

the PSE went in for her second day of training, then her third, then her fourth.
motherfucker, she is trying to be a hostess, how much more is there to it then to stand around at the podium waiting for people to come in then show them to a table?
at the end of each training shift, the PSE would bring us home some food.
good food to bring home is an important variable in where the PSE chooses to work.
the first thing she brought home was some kung pao chicken.
it was dry, not covered in any kind of a sauce, and it was the worse for it.
the next day the PSE brought home a spicy pork noodle dish that was absolutely inedible.
i took one bite and it sent a shiver down my spine.
on her third day at work the PSE brought home some fried rice with leaks and Chinese sausage and for the first time i found something that i liked.
it was pretty fucking good, really.
on her fourth day the PSE brought home a single pork sparerib.
generally, the PSE isn't supposed to have access to the pork spareribs, they're for paying customers only, but a customer left one on their plate untouched and the PSE swept in to intercept it before it ended up in the trash.
good score, PSE! it was fucking delicious!

the problem with the PSE's job was the schedule.
they would put the PSE on the lunch shift from 10:00am to 2:30pm, then on the dinner shift from 4:15 to 9:00pm.
by the time all the customers left for the night, it would be closer to 10:00pm
that's a long day.
i don't know what these motherfuckers were thinking scheduling the PSE back to back like that.
schedule the PSE for either the lunch shift or the dinner shift and let one of the other teenagers work the other one.
the PSE really only wants to work fifteen or twenty hours per week.
anything more then that is just obnoxious.

after her first week the PSE decided she did not like her job.
then, Community College started up [see tomorrow's post.]
it became obvious to the PSE that she couldn't go to school and continue to work this job.
the PSE needed time to study and tend to her homework and if she was spending twelve hours at the Chinese restaurant with a little break in the middle, there was no way she was going to be able to do that.
the PSE decided she would have to quit.
the PSE sent a text message to her boss at 9:00pm on the night before she had to report to a shift saying “thank you for the opportunity, everybody was great but fuck you, i'm done!!!!!!!!”
and now the PSE is back to being unemployed.

this is the second job the PSE quit and the third one she declined in three weeks.
granted, all of these jobs are shite food-service for teenagers and idiots, jobs well below the PSE's dignity, but after a while you've got to stop blaming the job and start blaming the PSE.
these jobs are blow the PSE”s dignity but when pressed, the PSE can't name a job that isn't below her dignity.
the PSE has a really, really high level of dignity.
and meanwhile, while the PSE is finding reasons to not work one job or another, we're pissing through our savings like we've been doing for the better part of the past year.
the PSE has made some money doing Drug Studies in the past, though, not enough to keep us out of the red, and now that Community College has started for her, she won't be able to do any more, at least until Winter break.
which means the PSE is going to have to find some other way to bring in money, which means, eventually settling in to some shitty job below her dignity.
what that job will be and when the PSE will finally resign herself to it remains to be seen.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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