one week after my second year at Law School started up for me, Community College started up for the PSE.
after two years of fucking around, the PSE would finally return to her scholarly pursuits.
such as they are.

the original plan was for the PSE to go to school part time and work a job part time.
because if the PSE is in school part time, she can't continue to do Drug Studies that require her to be in-house for stretches of time, and because we need money to survive.
so the PSE only signed up for two classes this semester, which is half time, on the assumption that she would get herself a part-time job to round out her time.
but, it turns out that the PSE doesn't like to work, the PSE can't work a job for longer then ten days [see yesterday's post] so there goes that.
an now that the Semester has started, the PSE doesn't have any plans to go out and get herself a job, either.
i don't know how we're going to support ourselves.
so, the PSE is just taking two classes this semester and that's it.
she damned-well better do well in these classes, at least.

the PSE is taking two classes this semester, U.S. History and Biology for Science Majors.
there is Biology For Non-Science Majors which, presumably, would have been easier, but the PSE decided to take the more-difficult class because she thinks she might possibly be interested in science.
the PSE doesn't know what she might want to do with science, she is thirty-one years old and still doesn't have the slightest idea what she wants to do when she grows up, but a vague interest is a start.
college isn't really worth much unless you're in STEM, anyway.
i mean, if you're getting it for free like the PSE is, or like i did, then, sure, major in whatever the hell you want, but if the PSE wants it to pay off for her in the end somehow instead of just getting a job as a barista like all the other humanities majors i know, science is the way to go.
i guess. i don't know, really.

the PSE has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
she did that intentionally because i have class on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternating Saturdays and somebody always needs to be home with the Monster, on account of her special needs.
it doesn't matter, i'm too busy with my own schoolwork for us to get to spend all that much quality time with each other anyway.
on Tuesdays the PSE has U.S. History from 12:30 to 1:50 then Biology from 2:00 to 3:20.
on Thursdays it's the same thing, only she also has Biology Lab from 3:30 to 6:30.

there are maybe thirty-four people in the PSE's History class, almost all of whom are kids, eighteen and nineteen year olds.
the Professor is a White southern woman who the PSE finds friendly enough.
the PSE's Biology class is also a full class with maybe thirty-four people, again, all youngsters.
the Professor is an Indian woman who the PSE has a hard time understanding sometimes.
the PSE's Biology Lab has half the number of kids that are in the PSE's Biology class, maybe eighteen people.
the Professor who teaches Biology Lab is different from the one who does classroom instruction.
he's a Black guy who is maybe twenty-seven years old.

after the PSE's first week of class she came home overwhelmed.
her History class and both components of her Biology class are all labor-intensive with a buttload of assigned reading, homework and quizzes.
i've spent nearly eight years in post-secondary education so far and i've never seen a class syllabus so loaded down with quizzes.
the PSE had a quiz on her second day of History class, and her third and fourth days of Biology, and then History again, and on and on.
the PSE is three weeks into Community College now and i don't know that she's had one class save her first that didn't have some kind of quiz in one class or both.
and of course, this gets the PSE all agitated.
she feels like she has to study study study study study for these quizzes all the time.
i keep telling the PSE that this is just Community College, that she's in class with a bunch of idiots and she'll be fine just winging it but she doesn't listen to me.
the PSE doesn't have the self confidence necessary to not take this workload seriously which means she's constantly working to keep up the pace and nobody is cooking me dinner or cleaning the house.

this past week the PSE finally got the results of her first round of quizzes back and she finally began to relax a bit.
in History, the PSE's first quiz was on the Age of Conquest; Dutch settlement in Manhattan, French settlement in Canada and the Beaver Wars.
i don't know much about the Beaver Wars myself except that Humanity must have won otherwise we'd all be speaking beaver right now.
it was a five-question short-answer quiz with one bonus question.
the PSE got all five right plus the bonus and earned herself a smiley-face on her paper.
no lie, a smiley-face.
better then that, the Professor announced the results and the PSE was only one of four people to earn a perfect smiley-face.
sixteen of the PSE's classmates didn't get any of the questions right and failed the quiz.

in Biology the PSE's first quiz was on positive and negative feedback, properties of life, evolution, emergent properties.
it was a ten-question multiple choice quiz.
the PSE ended up getting a nine out of ten, which is good enough.
in Biology Lab, the PSE and her lab-mates did an activity where they conducted an experiment to test which method of hand-washing is most efficient at killing germs.
the PSE and three of her lab-mates each washed their hands with just water, regular soap, antibacterial soap and Purell, then they took swabs of each other's hands and put them in a petri dish to cook.
next class they went and checked their results and compare them to the other groups.
for the class as a whole, they were pretty inconclusive.
one guy who washed his hands with antibacterial soap had over 200 bacterias cooking up in his petri dish while other people who used just plain water only had a bacterial count in the mid-40s.
the only real conclusion to be drawn from that experiment is that everybody should stay away from that one guy.
he seems to be a fucking bacteria farm.

the PSE is taking her classes at the downtown Community College campus, which is sprawling.
the wing where her Biology lab is located is decorated with pictures of different Black celebrities and their disabilities.
Will Smith, dyslexia; Harriet Tubman, traumatic brain injury; Jesse Jackson Jr., bipolar disorder; David Patterson, blind; Whoopi Goldberg, not actually Jewish; Magic Johnson, A.I.D.S.
it's a really weird bit of art and i'm not quite sure where the artist is trying to go.
i assume they are trying to tell the Community College kids that all of these people have achieved in spite of their disabilities, but why, then is it only about Black people?
disabled White people don't need superficial encouragement too?

even after earning herself good marks on her first round of quizzes the PSE is still taking her studies seriously.
right now she's in the living room studying studying studying studying studying for another round of quizzes coming up this week.
she'll do just fine.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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